It’s been another weekend of farkling the Concours some more. I’ll split the posts out and cover each thing off separately.

  1. Phil’s farkle’s rear luggage rack.
  2. Saddle Bag Inners.
  3. Carbon Wrapping the mirror covers.

With the wider than normal width of the Concours 14, significantly wider than I’m used to, I have from time to time come pretty close to knocking mirrors with cars when manoeuvring through stationary traffic. – Experience and more caution will fix this problem for me, but in the mean time, I’ve been keen to get some protective vinyl onto the mirrors to prevent scuffs.

We popped into Repco on the way home today and were delighted to find that they had a 25% store wide sale on this weekend (who knew?). So I grabbed another roll of their Vinyl ‘Carbon Fibre’ wrap. Theirs is so much thicker and stronger than all of the other options which I’ve found online (ebay and one-day). The Repco stuff sticks well too, unlike the other stuff I’ve had. It comes from a Taiwanese firm called MaxPlus: – I’m tempted to see what I could get from them in a proper car wrapping vinyl in a larger size. 🙂

Anyway, I managed to pop the coloured mirror covers off carefully and spent a bit of time applying some small pieces of faux-carbon fibre to these. I need practice doing this, they’re not perfect, but I’m getting better with this. They’re properly functional covers and will protect them from scuffing, so I’m pleased with the end-result.

I’m still wondering how to get my panniers wrapped, it’s beyond my current skill level. 🙂