It’s been another weekend of farkling the Concours some more. I’ll split the posts out and cover each thing off separately.

  1. Phil’s farkle’s rear luggage rack.
  2. Saddle Bag Inners.
  3. Carbon Wrapping the mirror covers.

The video above shows this all pretty well. – The Phil’s Farkle rear luggage rack for the C14 ( is a CNC’d aluminium (aluminum) rack made to quickly replace the factory plastic rack. I found that the plastic rack allowed far more flex through the box mount than I wanted, and hope that this alternative would help to firm it all up.

The rack is impressively made, it’s excellent quality and is nice and thick and sturdy. It mounted quickly and smoothly to the bike, everything aligned perfectly.

I had some help from Phil figuring out exactly what I needed from him. – Mine is a Kawasaki branded, MonoLock rear box. This has a tendency to wobble around a bit, so Phil was very helpful and happy to exchange a few emails with me outlining to me the various options available. I chose to try to mount my box directly onto his plate, with the various front and rear parts required to secure the top-box.