Hi, if you happen to find one of my stickers somewhere, then Hello! – I am Chris IBA #675.

I apologise in advance if someone has placed it somewhere inappropriate. I hand out a good number of my stickers to friends and people that I meet on the road, so I’m personally unable to control where each of them ends up. – Please accept my apology if you have been troubled in any way by the placement of one of my stickers.

If you have found my SD Cards, then please please please get in touch, I would dearly like them back. – There’s a sticker of mine on the inside of the SD Card wallet along with an Apple Air Tag in the hope that if I do lose them (again), that we might be reunited. You can get hold of me by emailing me at chris (a-t) wiltshire (d-o-t) net – thank you a million in advance if this applied to you!

Great, onwards and upwards!…



What is IBA #675? – The Iron Butt Association have member numbers, I am one of their members, normally new members would start with a 5 digit member number, my original number was 66217 – for those nutters who are lucky and mad enough to compete in, and finish the Iron Butt Rally (an 11 day endurance motorcycle rally held every two years in the USA), they are awarded a new member number which is a sequentially assigned number in the order of finishers across all years of the IBR. I am finisher number #675. That number was awarded to me in 2023, which is approximately 40 years after the first IBR rally was held. So you get the idea; there’s not that many of us in the world, and that in turn makes my IBA number a pretty special thing to have and to hold on to. Which is why I’m happy to show it off, proudly on my stickers.