Today I had first hand success replacing my intermittent TPMS (battery was dying on my 2017 model, it’s now 2023)…

A few things to note..:

  • The TPMS is programmed using an 8 digit hexadecimal code.
  • You can only programme the bike to a new sensor using KDS – Kawasaki’s propriety programming tool.
  • If you can read, or get the code off your existing TPMS, then you can programme generic replacement units.
  • Autel 315MHz programmable units work, and the Autel scanning / programming tools can read and programme replacement units.
    • They are compatible as ‘Mazda 3 – (2011), 315MHz’ units. – Using this setting you’l be able to read a live unit, and you can programme replacement units for your bike.
  • If your unit is dead and no longer transmitting, then remove the unit from the wheel, and you may find a code on a sticker placed on the side which is closest to the rim (it’s hidden when the TPMS unit is mounted on the wheel). This will be a 5 digit code, add to it 3 leading zeros to make up your 8 digit code which you want to programme into the new replacement unit.

  • I used an Autel TS508 to read and programme my replacement TPMS.
  • I had to remove the rear wheel’s TP MS before my scanner would pick it up, it would read the front properly, but not the rear, through the tyre, perhaps the radial bands got in the way a little, or the signal strength of the transmitter may’ve been just a little too weak.

Notes to self:
Bluey: Front: 000FB419 – Rear: 000FB447