Further progress:

A 7mm brass pipe fitting created with a bent 6mm insert, soldered then inserted through the latest riser design.

Measuring how long the brass tubes need to be before they start to interfere with tank bag flange. ~23mm

1/4 inch fuel hose fitted onto the brass tubes.

Tank bag sitting mounted. Hoses nicely bending beneath. Fuel hose clamps still be be put on, but really happy with this fit.

Black support posts shown here for right / left stability. I have a skirt / curtain to add in which hides all of this and tidies this all up nicely.

Next step is to remove this all from Connie and mount this on Bluey and ride around with this setup in place for the next 6 weeks. Testing stability of the tank and the new height of the tank bag. I’ll likely need to adjust the mounting points for almost everything else in my cockpit as a result of this now. 🙂

I’m very pleased with this stage of work. 🙂