Having not had much spare time since we returned from the TT, I’ve been remiss and haven’t written a report yet.

In brief summary: we had a fantastic time, enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, nailed our goals to the letter.

We also used a Garmin Zumo XT GPS and had no issues with it what so ever, it worked perfectly navigating us around the checkpoints. At no point after the start of the event did we get lost.

We used waypoint to waypoint navigation, and had pre built tracks displayed on the map at all times.

The unit did struggle to record a track which contained more than 15,000 track points, but later I was about to plug into a computer and recover the track content from the gps unit. But in terms of navigation, it was flawless. -apart from not being able to find the start; but that was down to an odd waypoint downloaded from the TT website I think as there were others who went to exactly the same wrong point as us. 🙂

🙂 – no issues at all. 🙂