This will be edited and added to as we get further prepared.

Policies and provisions absolutely make sure we’ve got sorted out before we go:

  • Insurances, especially the MedJet equiv options.
  • Canada Insurance card
  • SpotTracker
  • National Park Pass
  • AAA coverage
  • GPS map coverage – Incl. USA based traffic reports etc? Do we need to buy a USA based Zumo XT?
  • Retracting lanyards for securing our bonus flag inside of jacket pockets / keys.
  • First aid kit
  • KEEP RIGHT —> Signage for windscreen
  • <— KEEP LEFT Signage for preparation period in NZ
  • Silver Fern or KIWI flag logos for our two NZ entries. – Not sponsorship logos, but similar to ‘Team Strange’ decals…
  • Additional, unassociated credit cards.

Things to make sure we take with us or buy when we get there

  • Multi board for power sockets in motels
  • USA plug adapter piece for our 4 way USB charger (check voltage)
  • Laptop power supply and dongle for SD Card etc.
  • Tough Camera and charger / USB lead
  • SD Cards for camera
  • Pre-Printed Planning sheets
    • Bonus Code, Distance, Arrival Time, Avg Speed
  • Pre-Printed Bonus recording sheets and fuel records
  • Clipboard or waterproof pouch for writing on and keeping bonus sheets dry. – Consider water proof paper for these.
  • Safe and dry place for receipts
  • Many small plastic bags – zip locks
  • Several Pens
  • Stylus for iphone on tether

Equipment for Bike:

  • Hydration system
  • USB charger for front
  • USB charger for rear.
  • Air horns?
  • Radar detector?
  • Bar lifters
  • Throttle Lock
  • Cramp buster
  • LED headlights
  • Seat – either my pad or a RDL
  • ZUMO XT wiring harness and cradle.
  • Printed XT locking piece
  • Oregon GPS or second Zumo XT – Perhaps USA based, with traffic etc on it.
  • Working TPMS – consider replacing these if not sure… But $$$$.
  • iPhone mount, ram mount or Quad lock with induction charging system.
  • Ram Mount mounting equipment.
  • AirHawks x2 – front and rear.
  • Spare set of tyres. Need to figure out how to get them to CP1 / CP2 depending on timing. If time to CP1 is longer than 79 hours, then assumed there might only be one CP.
  • Flashlights

Things to do at the hotel / briefing before the start or by asking Martin…

  • Ensure we know the phone-in-bonus number and that it’s programmed into the phones – both of them.
  • Determine if Stella can make the bonus calls?

Things to do at CheckPoint 1 / 2

  • If not short on time on the way to the CP, fill up before you arrive.
  • Replace tyres before retiring for the evening – (if they need it in CP1, otherwise wait until CP2). If needed replace at CP1, and order fresh set to be at CP2 when we arrive.
  • Check oil.
  • Fill up hydration bottle.
  • Go for a walk and replenish snacks and drink supplies.
  • Eat, Shower, Sleep
  • Set alarm for briefing, jump out of bed. Have a coffee, this is going to be a long morning…

Things to do before leaving a Check Point

  • Decide what photo bonuses / group bonuses we should attend. Ensure that we have a plan to get to these.
  • Plan at least the following day, but ensure you have an overall high level plan / approach.
  • Know when the phone in bonuses are, add them to the calendars, a written sheet, alarms etc. – Make sure Stella knows when these are – careful for timezone changes!!!
  • Know which bonuses we’re likely to be between when they happen and script the call. – Send this in an email to ourselves.
    • Cut / edit and paste from here:
      • This is Chris and Stella Wiltshire, rider numbers # and # – our most recent captured bonus was XXXXX and we are heading for bonus XXXXXX. The time is now XX:XX hrs (TIMEZONE), and our ODO reading is currently XX,XXX – EDIT TO MAKE SURE THIS IS COMPLIANT.

Things to do when arriving at a Checkpoint, before scoring

  • Copy all photos off SD Card onto Computer.
  • Review all photos remaining on the SD Card, ensure that there is exactly one and only one photo for each checkpoint.
  • Ensure that the correct SD Card holds the photos for that leg!
  • Bonus sheet. – Check that all ODO readings are recorded, including those for any phone in bonus calls.
  • For rest bonuses, check that rest start and rest end receipts are present and that the times are recorded properly.
  • Use a spreadsheet to calculate the time difference for the rest bonus stopped-time, don’t attempt this in your head.
  • Lock the SD Card before handing it in.

Things to take to scoring

  • Camera and SD Card – Make sure the SD Card is locked before handing it over.
  • Bonus log sheet.
  • Receipts.
  • Pillion.
  • Paper map
  • Bonus Book.
  • Rules.
  • Smile and good attitude. – Remember that even if points are left out on the road, we got to ride it! 🙂