For existing SpotWalla users, we have created a SpotWalla Location page for the 2022 TT2000.

As you may have heard, as of Feb, 2022 SpotWalla are now starting to charge for their hosting services; the storing of your data points, and the service of receiving data from various devices. These charges are not massive, but they are a change to the way that SpotWalla has been available until now.

There is no charge to the event, specifically for running the Location Page. In fact Jason at SpotWalla has very kindly provided a coupon for our riders to redeem to waive any fees for your usage during the TT2000 event, from the 16th to the 22nd Feb 2022. This is redeemable from the 16th of Feb, onwards – look in the My Account section, then under Coupons – it will remain in the ‘Future Coupons’ section until the 16th Feb.

This year we’re planning on keeping the Location page private and available only to the organisers and those riders who opt into the Location page. If you want to participate in the Location page, send an reply email to us and we’ll send you the sign-up link and password, and details on how to view it during the event.

Depending on the numbers involved, if there are enough to make it interesting, we will request another animation this year, from the tracked points. If this happens, we’ll circulate this to everyone after the event.

For interest and so you know what we’re talking about; here are the last two animation pages:

This information, and any updates will be posted on Chris Wiltshire’s personal website (this page).
– He has typically provided assistance to people who need help getting setup with SpotWalla in the past, and time permitting, has offered to do so again this year.