Thank you for your interest in obtaining IBA certification for your NI1600 ride.

This year, 2021 – with the various riding options, either in-person on the day, or as a virtual event there are two pathways to get your certificate.

  1. In-person, on the day. If you completed the ride, in person, on the day, then the event staff will have checked you back in and inspected your photos. For those finishers, the process from here is simple;
    • your completed ride will have been logged in the central rider’s list already
    • pay your IBA certificate fee (US$ through paypal, using the ‘Send-Funds’ option, to
      Don’t send the money to anyone here in NZ, it goes directly to the USA folks.

      • Chose which verification package you want to buy:
          Retail: US$ 40.00
          SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
          SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
          +SaddleSore 1600K PATCH and IBA Plate back

          Retail: US$ 49.00
          SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
          +SaddleSore 1600K PATCH and IBA Plate back
          +SaddleSore 1600K PIN
          Retail: US$ 56.25
          If you want to see what this merchandise looks like, then check out the selection at the bottom of this page.
    • complete and email a form (which contains all of your own personal details needed to enrol you in the IBA)
    • sit back and wait, we’ll be in touch with progress, and confirmation when your membership has been processed.
  2. Virtual riders will need to send all of the requested Virtual proof through to the distance rider’s email address first, with a view to being classified as a finisher, once you’ve been awarded finisher’s status, then all of the above then applies to you, follow the steps in (1) above. – Details on the Virtual proof and where to send it is listed here, on the NZDR website: – that content goes by email to

IBA Merchandise:

NI1600 (2021) certificate:

IBA Plate Back:

SaddleSore 1600K Patch:

If you’re going with the Full Package or Full Monty, you’ll have to pick one of these, if you don’t pick one, you’ll get the Blue Oval one by default.

  • SS1600K-Oval-Patch

SaddleSore 1600K Pin:

If you have chosen the FULL MONTY package then you’ll get a SS1600K pin too…

  • SS1600K Pin