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If you’re one of the few NI1600 entered riders (3rd-4th October), then you have a pretty unique opportunity within this year’s ride. The IBA’s ‘Memorial Ride‘ period falls within the same period as the ride, with their window closing on the 4th October. This comes with a special certificate and an opportunity for you to formally dedicate your SaddleSore 1600K ride to someone special.

That page contains some of the details around the ride, and also a link on that page to the fuller history of the special event.

So, if you had put in for an ‘IBA certificate’ for the NZDR NI1600 ride, then you have two choices:

  1. Keep it as a standard ‘NZDR SaddleSore 1600K‘ certificate – this contains a mention of the New Zealand Distance Riders NI1600 event, as well as a custom, printed route outline map, within the certificate.
  2. Change your certificate type to become one of the IBA’s Memorial riders (2020), get a chance to dedicate your ride to someone special, provide a short descriptive sentence on why they are important to you. This will feature on the certificate, it will be a Memorial Ride certificate type, it will still make brief mention of the NZDR NI1600 Event, but it will not carry the route map on the certificate.

In the page listed above, it says that you need to register your intention to ride the Memorial Ride. If you’re part of the NZDR Memorial Ride effort, you don’t need to go through that registration process, we’ll simply handle this option for you when your certificate is being processed, after the NZDR event.

If you have any questions about this, please drop me a note and ask. – Cheers. – Chris.