Whoop whoop! – It’s a good day. Wayne has posted all of the TT2000 checkpoint and events details up on his site today, and so we’re entered and have started planning our route! 🙂

So far so good, but I’ve got too many checkpoints and too many kms for this to be a sensible ride for anything other than a solo effort, and I can’t do that because there are some very special people who will want to ride with us this year. This next year, with a bit of luck, will be Stella’s second ridden TT2000, and Luke and TK’s first.

And so we’ll be skimming some of that excess out I think. Currently it’s sitting at 224,000 points and 2238km. We need 100,000 points and 2000km. Being that this is 2021, I think we should be aiming to nail the 2,021km target again this year. 🙂 – Chris Carey wins that from last year with exactly the required points, and 2,020kms. 🙂 It takes quite an effort to do, believe me. 🙂

Anyway, the fun has begun, I find the planning of these things to be almost as much fun as firing the bike up on the morning of the event. 🙂