It’s Tuesday morning, we leave tomorrow morning for the South Island trip (~6,000km all up) which includes the much anticipated TT2000 event. Recent days have been spent doing final preparations on both bikes (Stella is riding the R1 down for the main part of the tour, she’ll be on the back of mine for the TT2000 event).

The main event kicks off on Friday 22nd at mid-day and finishes at noon on Sunday. Start and finish points are at the Yaldhurst pub in Christchurch. We’ve got 48 hours to collect checkpoints worth points to score a minimum number of points while also doing a minimum of 2000km. There are compulsory checkpoints and additional, optional ones. The optional ones are in two sets, ‘flyers’ which are road based ones and ‘adventure’ intended more for those with a liking for dirt.

To keep things as simple as possible and also as achievable and enjoyable (read easy) for both of us we’re doing the compulsory points as well as some ‘mystery’ ones to make up the points required. This is just a tiny bit more than the bare minimum.

We’ve got accommodation booked for both nights and we’re hoping to get a good 6-8hrs sleep each night.

If you’re interested in tracking our route and progress across the whole trip then we’re coming home on the 8th March, the whole thing should be available here (from Wednesday morning ~10am):

The TT2000 event, as a sub-portion of that, will be available here (from Friday ~noon):

We’re not planning on trying to fit in any IBA rides to this trip, we tried that last year and it impacted on the enjoyment of the TT2000 event which was a lot of fun in its own right. Also, I’m not fundraising this year during these rides, I’m not organised enough- I may do something a little later on in the year for @AranRescueNZ.

There seem to be a million things to try to remember as you get closer to leaving for a trip like this. We’re well prepared now I think, just a few more things to do in the list and then we’ll be looking to relax into it and really start to enjoy the trip / tour.

So for this evening it’s finishing our packing and greeting the house sitters, and hopefully an early night. 🙂