Revzilla stock Saddlemen’s seats and so I was able to order one from them in the hope that it might arrive here in New Zealand within my short timeframe before the TT2000 event which I’ll be leaving for on the 20th Feb.

The seat arrived in NZ on Monday morning last week but then got held in NZPost’s international clearing processes for 8 days before I finally got my customs invoice. It was released for local delivery on Tuesday at 3pm and finally made it to me on Friday 12:30pm. NZPost is going to the dogs, they’re failing to meet most of their service standards right now. Grrr!

Anyway it has arrived in good condition and was promptly fitted to my bike. I’ve been for a short ride on the way home and I’m very happy so far.

Here are some photos:

Initial impressions are:

  • It’s flatter
  • It’s firmer
  • It’s lower
  • It’s better looking

I’ve got my AirHawk now too so with these both I think I’m pretty well prepared for the TT2000.

Stel has been suggesting for a while that the bar risers on the Concours might not be helping with my tailbone issues as they force me to be more upright. I liked them for taking weight off my wrists but I’m tempted to try it again without for a little while.

Stay tuned for the tuning of these and how I get on.