I’m assuming that I’ve not developed a medical issue over the past 6 months and that the discomfort I regularly feel from my tailbone has more to do with the long distances which I’ve regularly ridden.

I’ve never suffered tailbone discomfort in the past on any other bike including the R1 and I did close to 24,000km the year before last on it.

In 2018 I completed 28,000+km as a roughly equal split across the R1 and the C14. But almost all of my miles in the last 6 month have been on the C14. Which is when this issue developed for me.

I’m thinking that it must be bruised – which is why it’s so persistent. The seating position is very upright in comparison to the R1 which puts more weight directly through it. Also the seat is both soft and curved from front to back so that ends up exacerbating the issue.

So I’m switching out the stock saddle for an after market one made by Saddlemen which is apparently both firmer and flatter. I’m also buying an Airhawk seat pad as backup.

Not my bike but this is what the new seat will look like

I’ll be sharing my thoughts as I put them through their paces in a South Island rally and your in late Feb.