The NZ LD riders group have released their 1KC rider’s pack, including briefing, checkpoint details etc.

The checkpoint list is a series of named locations and photos which we’ll have to replicate when we ride around in order to prove our ride. – So next step was to jump onto GoogleMaps, and have a look at the street view images for various locations, there were only a few where the searched results didn’t yield the right location.

Checkpoint Coords
CP0 Eastside Tavern 37°47’38.5″S 175°17’35.2″E -37.794034, 175.293106
CP1 Whangamata School 37°12’58.0″S 175°51’57.6″E -37.216096, 175.866010
CP2 Kuaotunu Toilets 36°43’25.7″S 175°43’28.8″E -36.723811, 175.724677
CP3 Royal Oak Hotel – Tapu 36°59’02.6″S 175°30’06.0″E -36.984052, 175.501662
CP4 Tirohanga School 38°28’08.3″S 175°54’38.9″E -38.468970, 175.910808
CP5 Kurutau Junction 38°52’51.4″S 175°40’43.5″E -38.880932, 175.678735
CP6 Ohakune – Carrot (from across the highway is fine) 39°25’11.3″S 175°24’13.6″E -39.419818, 175.403775
CP7 Orakeikorako – Sign for The Hidden Valley 5km 38°30’41.8″S 176°08’07.6″E -38.511609, 176.135454
CP8 Mourea Mini Mart 38°02’45.9″S 176°19’48.4″E -38.046091, 176.330116
CP9 Eastside Tavern 37°47’38.5″S 175°17’35.2″E -37.794034, 175.293106

Having read the riding / route instructions in more detail I can see that there are a number of smaller, not so obvious roads which they wanted us to take when heading south from Thames.

For anyone who doesn’t have time to do any detailed route planning of their own, but who wants something for their Garmin or other GPX, this file here should help… Hamilton – 1KC – 2018