It feels like it’s been a long time in coming but it’s almost finally here. The NI1600 event is kicking off this next Friday.

My last LD ride was my ANZAC Day ride which qualified me for my third IBA Saddle Sore 1600k certificate. It was a tough solo ride which had me at freezing temperatures over the Desert Rd and I remember thinking if I’m doing more riding like this before next summer I need a different bike. That’s what spurred on the purchase of the Concours 14, a properly suited and solidly built 1400cc touring monster.

I’ve enjoyed getting used to it over the past 4 months and customising it to best suit my needs (adding farkles) and do this weekend it’s time to put all of that to a proper test by taking part in my first NI1600 event.

This is a group event with organised checkpoints which lend themselves to a sensible route since the points need to be done in a certain order. There is a sister ride at the same time for the NI800 riders.

The 1600 events is over 24hrs and so if done well can qualify for an IBA certificate (pending their normal ride verification). One major difference with this event is that we don’t know where we’re going until we’re told the checkpoints at 7pm in Friday night. We all leave the common starting point at 1pm on Saturday and ride through until we’re finished, ideally in less than 24hrs in order to obtain finisher status. The IBA stuff isn’t built in, it must be applied for separately afterwards.

I’m doing this event for fun with my good friend Jon (who some of you will remember did my first SS1600 ride with me, while he had an 85mm long stick embedded in his buttock flesh. This, comparably ought to be easy for him.

So I’m taking the Friday off work and heading out for a challenging, long weekend for the ride. No sponsorship or fundraising this time, it’s purely for fun.

If you’re interested in following along with our ride track you can from 1pm on Saturday here: Before that time it’ll just show the last track I have made.

If you’re up and would like to give us a call then please do: 021624717