I’ve been waiting almost two months for this package to arrive from an AliExpress vendor. They turned up this weekend.

These LED bulbs are apparently 4000 lumen bulbs EACH and together draw 75W for the pair. You get heaps more light for your current draw off LED bulbs which is why I was keen on giving these a go.

There are heaps of different design options for these kinds of bulbs so it’s well worth looking around and choosing carefully. I liked the design of these with 2/3 of the light being devoted to low beam riding and the final third coming on in addition during high beam. This means 2666LM per bulb on low beam, over 5000LM on dipped and 8000LM total when on high sounds good to me.

This *might* spare me from fitting aux lights to the Concours which would be excellent if I don’t have to. As it was, I did want more light at night.

These bulbs have three faces at 120 Degrees from each other. The bottom face sits flat horizontally and is the high beam. The other two are both facing up and out and are the dipped beam lights.

The high beam bulb is the one set slightly further back from the other two.

There’s a nice free spinning cooling fan in the back of the units. The mounting plate shown below comes off, is fitted to the housing. The seals are then applied. Then the bulb unit is inserted into the mount and twisted to lock it into place.

Above is half half with a the LED being visibly whiter light. It felt a fair bit brighter too than the normal halogen type bulb. Below is an ‘after photo’ with both sides fitted.

I’m quite happy with the initial impression and I’m looking forward to testing these out tomorrow on the way home from work in the dark. 🙂

They still have a good clean cut off with their high/low beam behaviour.

Update: 6/8/2018

I think for normal, in town use these would be awesome, their light is bright and clear and quite striking. They would be excellent for daytime use and I’m sure they’d help a motorcyclist to be seen.


For nighttime riding on the open road they light up the near road very very well. However, when the high beam is operated, what would normally be a shift of 55W away from the dipped area, to around 65W in the beam area is simply another 1/3 of light added to the upper area.


It’s ok, but it doesn’t punch through as much distance down the road as my normal headlights do… So for LD riding, I’m not convinced they are any better at all for lighting up the dark, distant road.


OSLAMP do make a ‘10000LM pair’ with four sides to them, so these might be worth a look…