So, Friday 22nd Feb, 2019 is the date of the next TT2000 event, details were released online tonight. I got my entry in immediately. Downloaded the waypoints, read this years rules, then set out planning my route. 🙂 Chch to Chch, clockwise. Green stops are mandatory and worth 5000 points, blues are optional and worth 6000 points. There are 16 green stops, worth a total of 80k, and you need 100k or more to qualify as a finisher. So 4 or more blue ones.

Red points are ADV optional points, (likely off road). I’ll take another look at them but so far I’ve been focussing on the green and blues.

Screen Shot 2018-07-29 at 12.42.56 AM

There’s the first cut. If this next event is anything like this year’s I will have another 10+ versions of this route before we begin. I say ‘WE’, as Stella is planning on joining me this time, on the back. 🙂 if you’re interested in reading any of their info.

These beautiful OSM maps downloaded from: for my Garmin Basecamp route planning software.