When I came to try to fit these, I asked for advice from the Concours owners group on Facebook. I got a mixed reaction from the members with little solid information coming back in terms of fitting guidance, so thought I’d just get started and see what I could do to find a suitable place to fit them.

Bought from Repco for ~$75

Space was going to be the major concern for these as the trumpets are quite large. The compressor unit on these is fairly small.

I recently had the left, side and top fairing covers removed from the bike in order to change the Air Filter, having experienced this, I was quick to try the right hand top cover as I’d seen how much space exists beneath these.

There’s a heap of space in there, and a soft-foam divider between this front area and the middle section which leads down towards the battery area. The foam divider provides a little extra protection from the weather, and so I wanted to fit the majority of the electrics on the back-side of that foam.

This is the final installation photo showing the two trumpets, the smaller one underneath, the compressor, wiring and the hoses connected to the horns.


This is the final shot showing everything reassembled and the larger, top horn peaking out, this was lit with a torch, otherwise it wouldn’t be as visible.

This shows how well the standard horn wiring can be removed and how perfect it is in length to be taken back (re-routed) to the relay position behind the foam wall.

Here’s an excellent grounding point for the wiring, taken from the negative terminal on the compressor.

Routing a wire for the positive feed to the switched connection on the relay (fed through an inline fuse before the relay connection):

The in-line fuse and relay unit, before wrapping with insulation tape:

And after being wrapped:

And finally, here’s a video of the end result: