I can’t help think that I’m tempting fate by laminating it. There’s bound to be further changes.

It took me 8 10 revisions to be happy with the planned route.

Here are the highlights:

  • 1633km in the first 22:48hrs, 2508km in the first 34:49hrs, 2600km overall back to Ashhurst.
  • 9:30hrs rest after riding the first 36hrs, before riding to the end.
  • 51,000pts.
  • 14 fuel stops.
  • 10 9 checkpoints.
  • Longest fuel leg: 232km (I’m riding my R1!)
  • Avg fuel leg: 193km, some stops are for receipting purposes.

https://goo.gl/6ee4ca – to view the Google Maps version of the planned route.