The R1s indicators had previously been some very nice, flush mounted ones. The only problem with these was that they were not particularly visible from the front of the bike. When turning, especially around roundabouts sometimes my  indication was not visible to cars waiting to enter.

I’ve been growing increasingly worried about the visibility of these and so ordered in some very small stalk indicators to replace the flush ones.

I completed this job in around an hour tonight.

These are the tiny little new indicators:

They have formal ‘E’ numbers printed on them – showing that they are approved for road use in the Europe.

The chromed indicators needed spraying with my ‘Matt Black It’ spray paint. 🙂

The final spray paint results:

Some mounting blocks which I found for the R1 on ebay. I bought 4, 2 pairs, they’re intended for front and back sets, but I’m using a pair of these per side on the front, one each side of the fairing to secure the indicator in place.

I’m very pleased with the results – they’re best seen in the video at the top of this post.