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NI1600 – IBA Ride Verification – Application Form.

If you complete the NI1600 at the actual event, and undergo their on-the-day ride checking / scrutiny, you may be able to access fast-tracked ride approval for a verified IBA SaddleSore 1600K ride certificate. There is a fair amount of information on what’s required for your (fast-tracked) ride submission to the IBA here. Please read that page first, then use the link below to create a submission email to them.

Clicking the link below should open your email client and should populate the email address, the subject and the body of the email with the relevant information… try clicking on this link.

Sorry for having to jump through that extra click, we couldn’t get the ZohoDesk site to host a complex email link like this one.

You’ll need to make a payment directly to the IBA, details of which are contained on the page here: (knowledge base section relating to the NI1600 ride, click here). – You’ll need to do this *BEFORE* you send the email above, as you’ll be required to attach the paypal receipt to the email.