NI1600 – IBA Ride Verification – Application Form.

If you completed the NI1600 at the actual event, and completed their on-the-day ride checking / scrutiny, you can access fast-tracked ride approval for a verified IBA SaddleSore 1600K ride certificate.

The IBA have bulk-pre-approved all finishers of the NZ NI1600 (2020) for SS1600K certification. They are providing this pre-approval based on the event organiser’s processes and checks, these applications should take a considerably shorter time than a normal first-time application (which is commonly ~3 months). We are aiming for these certificates to be processed in one batch, in about a week, and sent out to you then we have all of the packs worth of bits here in NZ already, so they’ll be a lot quicker this time than previous years.

The process has been streamlined for all NI1600 finishers, it should be simple and quick.

Your certificate is a customised certificate (it’s pretty rare for the IBA to do this) – it will carry the NI1600 route map on the face of it (our spot track), but your own personal details, including your bike etc. – Below is a sample of my certificate from this ride from 2018, this year’s map will be updated once the route is known for 2020:

If you already have a NZDR NI1600 SS1600K certificate from a previous year, then you might want to have a read of this…. – This year’s NI1600 fell within the IBA’s Memorial Ride window, and so the NI1600 ride which you’ve completed could be used towards a Memorial Certificate instead. You have to choose one, we can’t issue two certs for one ride. – If you want this option, then let me know in the email you send, and I’ll work through the extra details we’ll need from you.
Please follow the following steps (IN DETAIL), and it will help to get this through first time with minimal back and forth..
  1. Click on this link to open your email client and pre-fill the body content of the email for you.
    • Change the subject of the email to include **your own details**.
    • If that link doesn’t open your mail client and fill in an email body for you, then visit this page and copy the content from it…
  2. Chose which verification package you want to buy:
      Retail: US$ 40.00
      SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
      SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
      +SaddleSore 1600K PATCH and IBA Plate back

      Retail: US$ 49.00
      SaddleSore 1600K verification and certificate
      +SaddleSore 1600K PATCH and IBA Plate back
      +SaddleSore 1600K PIN
      Retail: US$ 56.25
      If you want to see what this merchandise looks like, then check out the selection at the bottom of this page.
  3. Having chosen, note your charges and go to paypal and make the relevant payment (see below)
    • Save your receipt information (as a PDF of the payment page if possible)  – Attach your Paypal receipt to the email.
  4. Complete all of the requested details in the email.
  5. Send the email (it should be automatically addressed for you), IBA Premier Certification <>.
Making a paypal payment to the IBA.
This is pretty straight forward, but we assume you have a credit card, and are happy to use PayPal to make internet based payments. If so, great…
  1. Open
  2. Login using an existing account, or create a new account if needed.
  3. Click “Send and Request”.
  4. Choose “Send money to friends and family”.
  5. Send the calculated payment to:
  6. To download your receipt, click on “Activity”.
  7. Find your IBA payment and click on the transaction line.
  8. Print Receipt. … – But, in the print dialogue boxes, opt to save it to a PDF file instead.
  9. Find your PDF receipt file, from wherever you saved it to on your computer, and add it to the email. 🙂
How to print to PDF?  – If the PDF part gets too hard, then just copy and paste the transaction reference and full receipt details into the end of the email which you’re sending…

Personally (this is Chris writing), I think this is pretty awesome, I know a number of us are really proud of our IBA memberships and love showing off the plate backers, it’s a real conversation starter. 🙂
Once you’re done, come and find us on Facebook: or join in the forums:
My personal thanks, again, go out to the NI1600 organisers who put together an excellent, very high quality, and extremely smoothly run event.

IBA Merchandise:

IBA Plate Back:

SaddleSore 1600K Patch:

If you’re going with the Full Package or Full Monty, you’ll have to pick one of these, if you don’t pick one, you’ll get the Blue Oval one by default.

  • SS1600K-Oval-Patch

SaddleSore 1600K Pin:

If you have chosen the FULL MONTY package then you’ll get a SS1600K pin too…

  • SS1600K Pin



Our 2020 route. 🙂

Any further questions?
If you have any further questions, either email us at IBA Premier Certification <>, or you can give me a call on my cellphone (Chris +64 21624717).