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Register of Top / Bottom Paddock Ride Attempts

To keep track of the efforts made to achieve the Top and Bottom Paddock certificates, we thought we’d maintain a list of known attempts, along with an indication of whether they were successfully verified as finishers or not.

Top Paddock (2/6)
05/01/2021 – Chris Wiltshire (3,367km)
09/03/2021 – Julian Boyd – Bad weather, GPS issues, tired, called it a day at ~42 hrs.
28/03/2021 – Rob Gordon – Bad weather, slippery roads, tired, called it a day at 39 hrs.

06/04/2021 – Julian Boyd (3,432km) – Took a detour in the North around the closed Mangamukas and missed a checkpoint on the East Cape, so had to double back – which made his distance considerably longer than expected.
07/04/2021 – Gary Polwart and Michael Green, they chose not to present their rides for IBA verification.

Bottom Paddock (3/5)
23/12/2020 – Julian Boyd – Punctured out.
01/01/2021 – Julian Boyd – Road closure due to terrible weather.
14/01/2021 – Julian Boyd (3,048km)
25/02/2021 – Chris Wiltshire (3,059km)
20/03/2021 –
Ross Calder (3,120km)

Checking the Boundary Fences award
25/02/2021 – Chris Wiltshire
06/04/2021 – Julian Boyd

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