This page is devoted to the planning, and fitting of Farkles to Luke’s new mistress (the one which he’s about to go on a first date with, then run away with for a dirty weekend).

Here she is


A ‘farkle’ is a mixture of two words: ‘function’ and ‘sparkle’. In this case it’s applied to motorcycle accessories which are much needed additions to any well loved motorbike. Luke was very sensible in his choice of motorcycle and managed to find one which already has a good number of starting farkles already on it:

  • Heated hand grips.
  • Bar risers.
  • Rear seat cowl.
  • Rear luggage rack and rear bag.
  • Side bags (panniers), with their mounting frame.
  • Centre stand.
  • Good quality touring tyres. (Michelin Road Pilot 4 GT, a good choice!).


In terms of personal accessories:

  • Comms kit for his helmet. (Sorted for him by his lovely wife – Tania).


  • Helmet cover


Well done Luke, that’s an excellent start. 🙂

Now for a list of other things to eventually work through and aim for (we’ll be ticking these off as he goes)…..

  • Slip on cans. (I found the Delkevic ones to be excellent quality and also very affordable).

Job done , he went with the Delkevic shorties ….. and they wake the Neighbors  🙂

  • Cellphone mount (RAM is the only way to go).

Ram Mount fitted, and its great for looking at Rever  ….. (obviously someone else’s in this case)



  • Tank bag?,

he got a new pack rack bag instead, its been great for carrying beer and wine (24 pack even).


Bonus ..

it goes great with the Givi panniers




  • Charging circuitry.

He got this installed at the world renowned Martin Access Road Auto Sparky and also fused the heated grips (not seats as the sticker would suggest)



  • Cruise Control / or at very least a throttle lock.

Throttle lock selected (cruise control is for bikes with windscreens).

This is actually his second one as the first broke, although to be fair it was 3D printed.


  • Cramp buster.


  • Anodised shorty brake levers (ideally really cheap ones from China)



  • Bar ends,

This is also his second set

The first set was too small, the pitfalls of on line ordering… however there was a happy ending as we found another use for them


  • Oil cap,


  • Reservoir cap,

Kawasaki and in Blue of course



  • Sprocket,

while he stayed with the original gearing Luke has installed a Vortex aluminium blue rear sprocket


  • Chain

This is the EK 530 ZVX3 HEAVY DUTY X’RING chain and comes in 7 different colour options.

Luke chose Blue of course



  • Fairing bolts


  • New Screen

He went with the Blue Iridium


  • Coloured LED lighting … somewhere subtle.

He has only fitted the daytime running lights so far but they are blue enough that the police take an interest !


  • Fairing  lines

He added some blue stripes to the side fins (they glow at night because he is all about safety not aesthetics)


  • Farkles to date,

So here is result with a before and a couple of afters, one in race (I mean sport) mode and one in touring mode ….. its a little different to the original !




Sport Mode

Touring Mode