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Luke’s Farkles…

Luke’s Farkles…

This page is devoted to the planning, and fitting of Farkles to Luke’s new mistress (the one which he’s about to go on a first date with, then run away with for a dirty weekend).

A ‘farkle’ is a mixture of two words: ‘function’ and ‘sparkle’. In this case it’s applied to motorcycle accessories which are much needed additions to any well loved motorbike. Luke was very sensible in his choice of motorcycle and managed to find one which already has a good number of starting farkles already on it:

  • Heated hand grips.
  • Bar risers.
  • Rear seat cowl.
  • Rear luggage rack and rear bag.
  • Side bags (panniers), with their mounting frame.
  • Centre stand.
  • Good quality touring tyres. (Michelin Road Pilot 4 GT, a good choice!).


In terms of personal accessories:

  • Comms kit for his helmet. (Sorted for him by his lovely wife – Tania).


Well done Luke, that’s an excellent start. 🙂

Now for a list of other things to eventually work through and aim for (we’ll be ticking these off as he goes)…


We can add to this list as needed, I’m sure I have missed a heap.

I’m not quite sure how this next one is supposed to mount to his bike, but it sounds about right…



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