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Spring Equinox – Saddlesore 1600k – Planning

Our third, IBA ‘four seasons’  2-up ride is about to happen… For this, we have to be riding on the day of the Spring Equinox, which according to Google is:

Countdown to ride departure:

So we have the time booked off work, and Stella and I have planned a route which takes us from Warkworth, up to Cape Reinga, back down, through Auckland, and round a southern loop, through Te Aroha, over to the outskirts of Tauranga, down past Rotorua, Taupo, turning at Turangi, then up through Taumaruni, Te Kuiti, Otorohanga, through Auckland, and back up to Warkworth. For a total of 1,625km on the route planner.

The route details were added into our planning XLS sheet from Garmin’s basecamp routing summary info, and then the speeds dropped from what Garmin said to a moving avg of 93km/h – we’ve found this gives us a comfortable set of goals to aim for on the road…

We’ve setup SpotWalla tracking and a Trip for this ride:

Having packed the bike yesterday we’re all pretty much ready to get an early night tonight, then head out for our 3:30am start tomorrow morning.

Anyone who wants to watch us round on this is welcome to, if you want to give us a call at any point; 021624717.


Chris and Stella…


Some last minute checking on AKL road closures.

We might get caught up in both of those highlighted ones.



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