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LD Riding Checklist

LD Riding Checklist
IBA SS1600k Start / Checkpoint / End checklist.
– Ready GPS
Fresh batteries
Clear current track (Track Manager Save, then clear)
Load Track of route (Track Manager, choose, Show on Map)
Where To? First Waypoint.
– Ready phone
Close unwanted additional apps.
Open SWConnect BubblerGPS, start tracking (can happen before the ride)
Open Rever, Start tracking, it will auto-pause
Open RAHH, start tracking.
– Bike
Record ODO and take photo of ODO.
GPS – Clear current track (Track Manager Save, then clear)
Head straight to first fuel stop.
Top up, pay. Check receipt TimeStamp.
At FIRST and LAST – Photograph Receipt and ODO
Check SWConnect has been sending recorded points to server.
File receipt in log book and record “Stop N, Location ODO, & Time”
Reset bike TRIP A.
Stop Rever and Save – (Expect Rever to die at about 20 hours).
Check SWConnect, close if no buffered points.
Stop RAAH.
TXT friends and Family.
Post to facebook. 🙂
Routing options: Fastest Route, do not prompt.
Auto Track, Start auto, powersave off.
Auto pause – ON
Disable ScreenLock – ON
  • Label all Waypoints for each ride as “LL-nn Name” – LL being a two letter label for the ride, such as NI, TT, SS etc. Make these unique, your two digit nn number ought to be a sequence number so that you can always easily find the next waypoint by searching for ‘LL-‘, then look through the list of waypoints.
  • Duplicate fuel stops and treat them as ride specific waypoints, include them in the sequence numbering too.
  • Include key routing markers as sequenced waypoints too where needed, when you’re on the ride, these are no different to a normal, stopping way point.
  • Allow min of 5mins per fuel stop, 8 if with others in a group. Stop every 4 hours for min of one 15 min fuelstop. Once every 8 should be for 20 mins and food.
  • Carry small plastic zip lock bag for log book and pens, use bag to safely store receipts. Pre-write out the Stop n, Name portions within the logbook so that the amount filled in while stopped is minimised.

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