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Open letter to Woodbank Trading Limited re: Planned operations using Martin Access Rd

From: Darrin Collett []
Sent: Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 1:45 PM
To: ‘Chris Wiltshire’
Subject: Considerations for Martin Access Rd – Management of logging operations.

Hi Chris

Thanks for email.

We had already completed a safety overview of the job which included all of the implementations you mention below.

So in short to your email ….Yes to all points.

We will be starting in the next 10 days.

My guys will erect signs before the first trucks start

I have passed on all of your points to the trucking firm , and they have added to their H&S system for the job

Please do keep in contact if you see, hear, or observe unsafe behavior form any of our contractors please let me know.


Darrin Collett MNZIF
Managing Director
PO Box 334 , Kumeu
New Zealand
64 9 4122261

Hi Darrin,

Thank you for your notice regarding Woodbank’s management of forestry operations, impacting Martin Access Road, expected to last just under 4 months.
It would be helpful for us to know when this is due to start, if you have that information then perhaps it could be shared?

The residents of Martin Access Rd were similarly impacted a few years ago by a similar level of operation and found the movement of logging trucks on our narrow, twisty and unsealed road to be quite hazardous.

The cartage and operations group at that time implemented a number of measures to address the speed of the trucks, and the safety of their operation on the road. Not only was the speed presenting a significant safety risk, but the dust nuisance which they caused at those speeds was significant.

They implemented a reduced speed restriction for their trucks on Martin Access Rd, and erected signage at the entrance to the road for their trucks to conform to, also visually expressing operational expectations to the road’s residents, I believe it was either 25 or 30km/h.

The movement of trucks up / down the road also became a controlled operation to prevent trucks from needing to pass one-another on the steep, unsealed hill. I believe incoming trucks were held at the bottom of the road, near West Coast Rd, until they were radioed and given clearance to drive up to the loading-site. There is *just enough* space (width), right at the bottom for one truck to park up, inside the street.

There are a number of school kids who routinely use Martin Access Road for pedestrian access to the school bus / home, and walk from their homes to the bottom of the road and back. Without pavement, they are legitimately forced to use the road itself, and your trucks will have to carefully share the public road with them (as they are also legitimate road users).

No-one likes the extra noise, dust, traffic, obstructions on the road and the almost certain near-misses on our blind-corners. Martin Access Rd is an unsealed road and only a single-track’s width in certain spots, especially around the tight corner at the bottom of the road, and at the steepest part which is often loose metal and gets corrugated easily.

As a resident on this road, I’m keen to encourage you to try to make this as safe as possible. It’s my feeling that implementing the lessons learned and the practices implemented during the previous operation would go a long way to ensuring safety and managing the impact of the truck movements on the road’s residents.

Would you please consider the following:
i) Voluntarily implement a reduced speed limit on Martin Access Road for your cartage firm’s truck movements on Martin Access Road (25-30km/h).
ii) Ensuring that your truck movements do not need to cross each other on the road.
iii) Please advise your cartage firm that:
– there are a number of blind corners on this road;
– the majority of the traffic on this road is residential traffic, often carrying families around;
– there are children who regularly use the road to walk to the school bus;
– dust nuisance is always an issue on this road, but becomes intolerable with summer months and regular heavy vehicle movements, and is exacerbated by speed;
– there are houses all along the road, close to the road, they might want to try to limit their use of exhaust brakes while descending, as a courtesy.

Many thanks for your notice, and I hope this is received in the positive manner in which it’s intended.


Chris Wiltshire.
@ #57 Martin Access Rd.
Mobile: 021624717

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